I keep blinking my eyes because I truly cannot believe this wedding. Is this real?  Brianna and Paul's day was INCREDIBLE.  The rich colors of fall, that dress! The styling  by my friends at  Elevate Events was amazing at The Lageret! breathtaking! But honestly, beyond all the beauty and color and decor and design. This day was genuine.  Real life smiles and tears of happiness, Bri looked at Paul with intense eyes, taking in the day.  The moments with Bri and her dad and sister were so heartwarming.  The happiness was intoxicating the entire day,  everyone was high on life, the energy at this wedding was remarkable. This day was special. This couple is special and I am truly honored to be a witness of this day.  I'm leaving for a family weekend in Door County but I had to put together this post and share with the universe before I go.  I hope you all see the sparkle in Bri's eyes, the care in Paul's smile, the love in the air. Enjoy the preview!