I met Lorraine and Mark over coffee and beard talks.  I felt a good connection right away especially with their amazing venue, Burlap and Belles  and wedding vision. I recall checking my email over and over in hopes they would respond after our meeting and say they wanted to book, I jumped for joy when that email came.  I thought I had an idea of the day but when I arrived I was stunned. The location was amazing, Lorraine knocked my socks off she looks incredible! Mark kept the beard! and this wedding was a little different for me, I think you will agree with deep rich colors and in the woods, a welcomed variety to my wedding season!  I adored Lorraine's flower crown and gorgeous dress, I loved the witty ceremony performed by a close friend, I loved the rocking music they walked out to and the couples genuine laughter throughout the day,  This venue is a DIY dream, and mostly it felt like a genuine laid back party that Lorraine and Mark had hoped for.  This September hasn't been the mild weather we usually can count on, but wedding after wedding I am overjoyed and I am honored to know these people and so glad they only are about marrying each other and nothing else. I loved to be a small part of their big day.  Enjoy the preview!