Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, San Francisco, Punta Cana? What can I say, the last 365 days has been good. I'm always a little hesitant as the new year rolls around, I always think "how could it match up to this year?" Can 2017 top 2016?!  I bet it can. I have some really incredible couples and weddings on the books for 2017! Sarah and Tim are one of them. They graciously flew me out to San Francisco for their engagement session. They were fantastic hosts,  carting us to and from the airports, supplying a car so we could jet off to Muir Woods, Sarah put together this ADORABLE gift for my friend Leslie and I.  Golden Gate Bridge socks, Local beer, cheese, chocolates!! Oh my. Did I ever fall in love with San Fran and Sarah and Tim!  We scoped out a few locations and I LOVE when couples choose a place meaningful to them versus a tourist attraction.  Sarah and Tim's favorite neighborhood cafe, Sutro Baths and the beach where they got engaged!  Then they added in Reggie, their big bear of a pup (OMG. How CUTE is he?) This weekend! I tell you, it was fabulous.  I hadn't really taken a "girl trip" since before I got married. The last years have been all about my husband and I or a family vacation so it was refreshing to do girl stuff like Drybar and Shopping and too much wine and giggling at Scomas.  Super thankful for all that 2016 was, it brought my back to life and I found my passion and energy once again!