Do you take time to reflect in the New Year? , how did that year go? was it a good year? could I do better? Did I overcome something? Do I need a change? I think it's a healthy moment for humans to reflect and try to improve their lives. Even if you do not set goals, resolutions or make lists of changes that need to be made. If nothing else, it's a time of new beginnings. I've taken on my word of the year, Intentional.  I hope that it can set the tone for 2017 in every aspect of my life, how I spend my time, what I eat, where I go, how much work I take on,  my relationships, my health, my children, my marriage.  It's a big word to take on. But I am up for it. 

So, as I reflect I think to myself 2016 was a good year,  a great year in fact. There were no tragedies, no (true) heartache, no struggles, nothing intense, nothing dire.  So I reflect back and think 2016 was a "smooth" year, a year of joy, happiness and ease.  I loved it.  It was magical. 

I am sharing a photo of each of my 16 beautiful couples of 2016, I chose a simple photo with a natural backdrop intentionally.  I wanted you to SEE the couple, not the venue or background, or decor or style, vision. Just the couple, together on their wedding day.  See the magic that happened between them.  I love these couples, these weddings and what I do. 

Another reflection that comes to mind is just how long I have been doing this. NINE years.  It's not because I am advertising, or really pushing social media.  It's not because I am doing a ton of power networking or collaboration shoots.  I'm a busy mom, I wish I could put more effort into those things, but I do not and it's been a blessing because the right people are finding me.  Either by word of mouth or fate I am not sure.  But I feel very lucky and blessed to continue to have a calendar full of amazing, genuine people who want me to show up to their wedding.  Thank you Past, present and future couples!

 Happiest of New Year's to you all! 

Stacy and Shane- Eau Claire, WI 

Carrisa and Alex,  Hartland, WI 

Alysa and Tyler, Hillsdale, WI 

Jes and Zach, Johnsons Creek, WI 

Desiree and Jake, Appleton, WI 

Kasey and Brad, Elkhart Lake, WI

Amy and Cam, Poynette, WI 

Brianna and Ethan,  Lyndon Station, WI 

Meghan and Adam Mount Horeb, WI 

Meghan and Alex, Hillsdale, WI 

Taryn and Doug, Stevens Point, WI

Lorraine and Mark,  Black River Falls, WI 

Brianna and Paul,  Stoughton, WI 

Jordan and Ethan  Stoughton, WI 

Sara and John Michael, Greenbush, WI 

Keely and Dean,  Arena, WI