Jess and Michael's sweet wedding at The Enchanted Barn was one I will always remember. They are the sweetest couple ever and their are a direct reflection of their sweet family and friends. I loved Jess's meaningful details and advice she is sharing here with all of you! Enjoy! 

1. What was your favorite memory from the wedding?
One moment that my husband and I will both cherish forever was during dinner. The sun was setting, candles lit and we just sat at the head table and looked out over our friends and family that were there to celebrate us. The room was filled with smiles, laughter and love. A rare occasion to have all of those special people together! We also loved the dance party after dinner. The dance floor was full until midnight and my 93-year-old great aunt led a few line dances that everyone loved.


2. What could you have done without?
I glued many streamers to sticks and placed them around the ceremony space before the ceremony took place. I wanted people to shake them around after we kissed and walked back down the aisle. Well, only 2 people waved them around. Ha! So, I would say to instruct your guests very clearly or spend your time doing something else. J


3. What is your best advice for planning brides?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think back to other weddings you have been to and try to remember exactly what they had for centerpieces. Most likely, you won’t be able to remember! Yes, you want all of your tables to look nice but buying expensive trinkets and decorations to fill the table isn’t necessary. The simple, elegant look goes a long way! Your guests will have more room at the table and you can spend more money on items that your guests will remember like the food, dessert, dance and your beautiful dress.

2. Delegate tasks for the day (and trust that they will do them!) so you don’t have to worry about them that day. Also, I REALLY appreciated having one venue for the ceremony/happy hour/reception that also included tables, chairs, bar/bartender, preferred caterers and staff to help the day flow. Not having to organize each of the above aspects separately made our lives SO much easier. The above contacts all had a great working relationship, paid attention to detail and communicated between each other to make the whole experience flow. Managing fewer necessary conversations, payment schedules and arrival times will help to manage the stress!

3. Get the people you love involved with their talents!

4. Relax, relax, relax and remember the main reason behind your amazing wedding.

5. Take your pictures before the ceremony if you can. Then you can spend more time with your guests who traveled to see you rather than disappearing for a few hours to do photography between the ceremony and reception.



4. Looking back, what was the MOST important?
Enjoying the day with my husband. My face hurt at the end of the day from all of the smiling and laughing. Make sure you dance and keep the day filled with personal touches!


5. What did you plan/Book first? Dress, venue, Photographer ?
e booked our venue, then photographer and DJ within the first few months of getting engaged (~ 1 year from the date). I felt much better knowing that if everything else didn’t work out, I would still have a good party and pictures to help reminisce!

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