Steven and Erica are the sweetest couple. They have this calm nature that I really love. Erica got ready at the gorgeous Charmant Hotel in Lacrosse on the most beautiful September Day.  I loved her gorgeous dress, her hair down and mismatched bridesmaids dresses. I loved their patio ceremony with the backdrop of the Mississippi. I loved their kings table at dinner and all the fun speeches and the timeless details that really made their day simple, meaningful and about them. When I think back to their day I remember how beautiful the weather was, how calm the timeline went,  how I watched people ride bikes and enjoy the park, I thought to myself how much I really like downtown Lacrosse, and how lucky I felt to be part of this day.  Erica's wedding advice is particularly great because she adds an article that I think speaks true.  Enjoy! 

1. What was your favorite memory from the wedding? Undoubtedly, our first look. It was one of the only moments of the day where it felt as though time actually slowed down. That moment where all of our stress and worries of the morning melted away and we were reminded of what the day is really all about- each other. 

2. What could you have done without? We wouldn't have changed a thing. From favors to decor, we were very intentional about our choices. We wanted an environment that was reflective of our style and values. We agreed from the start that we would be true to ourselves, even if that meant breaking some wedding "traditions".

3. What is your best advice for planning brides? This article captures it all:
The author says it best...."When you look at your wedding as not the “best day ever” but as “the best is yet to come,” you will free yourself from the pressure of everything having to be perfect, and instead you will realize one thing: it already is. Because you found each other. Lucky you."

4. Looking back, what was the MOST important? Cliche as it is, the most important part was being surrounded by all of our friends and family. In 5,10,50 years you will likely forget all of the little details that you agonized over, but it's the feelings and emotion attached to that day that you will always remember. Our guests brought so much love and laughter to our day. It wouldn't have been the same without them. 

5.  What did you plan/Book first? Dress, venue, Photographer? We knew we wanted a September wedding but eventually chose our date based on the availability of Dani and the venue. We considered photography to be our most important investment, followed by food of course :)