Before wedding season starts this weekend and before I start posting new content of gorgeous venues and amazing couples in love. I wanted to share a little piece of our life with you that is not wedding related. 

Sometimes it feels like our life is going a mile a minute.  People say "how do you do it all"? heck, I even say it sometimes. But I never feel overwhelmed. I never feel like I don't sit down on the floor with my boys and play legos or read bedtime stories, I never feel like I don't get enough sleep or downtime.  I think we have a great balance in life. Sometimes less balance than others but with 7 + months off shooting weddings or photography in general, we have a good balance. 

Summertime is when life gets a little crazy.  Rookie Ball, My husbands softball league, soccer, yoga, WEDDINGS! I try to always come home the night of a wedding and take Sunday off to hang with my boys or I even try to take them and we make a fun weekend out of it!  Even though we do these things to achieve this unicorn of balance, we still want to take a vacation or getaway completely wedding-free where we can not only be free of work but also school, bills, dental and doctor appts, SNOW! dishes, laundry, phone calls and text messages, all those daily commitments we can't get away from...unless we jump on a plane! 

This year I chose San Diego. We did Disney a couple years back and weren't ready for a return visit. We wanted somewhere warm, with the ocean and just one or two touristy/ theme park options.  I looked at several spots including Florida, Charleston, Texas, etc.. but I kept coming back to this San Diego idea. Hello San Diego Zoo and Seaworld were great options plus California has MILES of oceans, tacos and craft beer. We're in!  It was a good for the soul kind of trip. We had a tough winter, and sometimes vacations come at the most needed time.  We spent our days eating at Woodys (pictured below) best coffee and breakfast in the world, we had no timelines or schedules.  If we weren't in the ocean we were in the pool at our awesome resort. We never ate a meal indoors and did I mention tacos? ALL WEEK LONG.  We did hit up Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo other than that, we were beach loving hippies in flip flops.  Here's a small recap in photos, I made a promise to myself not to drag a big camera around and waste away my vacation behind it. You may notice, I took the camera along on one day full of beach / our hotel. Otherwise it stayed in the room and I was fully present (other than a few Iphone snaps) and I shot some good old film on vacation and got the scans back. I can still shoot film! and of course digital too.  Can you tell which is which?