My first wedding of the year and Shane and Stacy go and set the bar high, like way high.  It's good to have a beautifully styled wedding with gorgeous decor, a killer dress, and eyeful of bridesmaids dresses and some dapper suits but beyond that what makes a wedding day, what makes photos, what makes a marriage is the pure joy behind it. You can have the most beautiful wedding in the world but if your not full of joy and happiness, it's meaningless.  Nothing short of absolute disaster could rob Stacy and Shane of their genuine happiness and joy on this day. Stacy never stopped smiling, not even once.  I love all the decor and special touches like flying all over the world to collect Delftware ( Stacy is a flight attendant) and especially the dresses but most of all Stacy's smile just made the day so much more.  I'm trying to really zero in on what the bride and groom want most from their photos and Stacy and Shane wanted lots of couple photos to document this day so it's heavy on the couple photos and I think you will agree, there can never be enough bride and groom photos.  So here you have it,  wedding number one of 2016 and already a favorite of mine.