Ah,  This wedding. This couple. It was a dream come true.  Meghan has such amazing taste and I knew she would bring in amazing pieces to compliment their special day, Meaningful decor and florals that knocked my socks off.   Alex is Meghan's perfect fit.  These two are these amazing old souls, their love of music only made me adore them more.  GOOD Music. Old Music.  Rolling Stones, America, Led Zepplin, etc.. The classics. Way older than these two which only makes them that much cooler.  I happen to be a HUGE music lover myself so I completely connected with this couple and understand the meaning behind their song choices,  the lyrics on that amazing backdrop they made, the momentos that filled the day.  Meghan is so beautiful, her veil + dress were from a fairytale for her prince charming at a barn in the middle of nowhere. The perfect intimate setting for such a moment in time.  We had a gloomy overcast day which I think only aided in making these nuptials even more romantic.  Enjoy the preview!

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