So Lindsey says "I have some nice land we can shoot at" and I being Lindsey's friend and wedding advisor say "sure you do" and assume she has no idea what she is talking about. Then I give in like a good friend does and when I show up I am floored! I want to build a teeny house on Lindsey's Land and go off the grid from now on. LOL  It was a the PERFECT brackdrop for their engagement session.  Better yet,  Lindsey is moving in 2 DAYS and what a great place to mark a memory from  this time of their life.  Lindsey always talks about going canoeing and I imagined this little puddle and it was this amazing private pond. We had so much fun dodging mosquitos and getting Michael to laugh and play along.  Nothing says September like Flannels, a Canoe and golden sun.  I can't wait for this July Wedding next year. I know these two are going to shine.  Until then, I will be missing my friend Lindsey in town everyday, making me laugh with her sarcasm and inside jokes.  Let's celebrate these two out chasing their dreams with a little blog preview of our session together, feel free to leave a little love for them!  Enjoy!