Hey Guys! Guess what? I'm still alive and my blog still works! I have given myself some grace and taken a big huge social media break (blogging included) I have finished my 2017 wedding season (it was spectacular!) I have been busy shooting engagement sessions and really just enjoying little things in life like television again, lol.  I am seriously catching up on Say yes to the Dress and Project Runway, some of my very favorite shows that I didn't realize I missed so much. 

Something happened slowly but surely in 2017 I started to feel a shift.  One I can honestly say in all of my nine + years of shooting I have never felt before. I started to feel like I was missing things I loved. This has seriously never happened before, I never felt like I missed anything. But as my kids grow and they become moreinvolved in sports and activities, I started to realize there was more to miss these days than in years prior. 

I really want to continue weddings, it's my passion my favorite "me time" and my creative outlet that I do not think I can live without. But I think instead of saying "I need a balance" I had to actually ACT on it.  I have shot between 15-25 weddings every year for more than 5 years. Thats a LOT of summer weekends! I want to say YES to everyone but what I really need to do is balance my life better. 

So I realized I obviously wanted to stay in the industry,  continue weddings, but wanted to make some important and exciting changes.  Insert my Friend Alysa!  I shot Alysa's engagements and wedding and have known in my heart from day one that she is an amazing and genuine person, but it didn't really dawn on me until she started second shooting weddings with me,  how similar our lives are and how connected we were and that was it, the puzzle piece fell into place. I wanted to add an associate shooter.  

Alysa is launching a wedding photography business, after working with her and seeing her finished product I knew I had that found that piece of my brand.  A team mate! Someone I can share inquiries with and provide the same product and service as I would.  Like I can be in two places at once! What does this mean? This means Alysa will be a lead shooter at weddings under my brand and provide the same service and products that can be expected of Dani Stephenson Weddings.  We have special associate shooter pricing and available dates for 2018.  This is so exciting for both of us. Even more exciting is Alysa is already fielding inquiries for 2018 associate weddings!  Her smile and outlook on life is contagious.  She got married in 2016 and knows just how the bride and groom feel and how they should be treated.  Guys, she is a special person, I love her and feel so strongly about this addition to my business and I know you all will love her too.  Please Welcome Alysa!

Here's a little from Alysa:

I love  Fixer Upper and am pretty confident me and Joanna Gaines could be BFF's, I'm currently renovating a 105 year old farmhouse! I love to travel and meet new people so new venues and clients are so exciting to me! I'm always dreaming of my next road trip with my husband, next on our list is a trip down the west coast and Alaska. I have a 6 week old baby girl, Adelyn and being a mom has been the absolute best ( but bring me all the coffee please!) 


To inquire with Alysa and learn more about her services and pricing please visit my contact page and tell us about yourself, your love and what your looking for in a wedding photographer.