Hello ?! Is this thing on? is it working? I know I haven't blogged since October.  I didn't even blog my last three amazing weddings.  I entered a social media burn out mode in September and gave myself some grace and just basically turned it off for a while. I feel really good about it,  it was a time in my life when I needed grace and quiet.  I am a human behind this screen, life is happening to me. Good things, bad things, great days, bad days, health, sickness, happiness, sadness, amazing highs and crippling lows.  The rollercoaster of life. I feel super lucky to have amazing clients who do see me as a human and understand, I feel lucky I still receive inquiries over the last 5 months even though my blog was dead, my instagram had cobwebs on it and Facebook page looked abandoned.  I'm slowly creeping out of my cave.  Over the weekend I had a sick little man and I stayed in with him for 48 hours and never left my house (or jammies).  During that time I decided I better get my submissions in to Wisconsin Bride Magazine. before the deadline.  This sparked my digging through my blog,  scouring through galleries and reading what I said about each wedding. And so the spark began,  I really seen these weddings and remembered HOW much I loved them and the people who made them.  I remembered HOW much I loved being at these weddings and later coming home and editing through the magic we made. I remembered how much joy I got out of sharing these weddings with my clients and their families and friends on social media.  It's not unusual for me to go through difficult seasons of life and weddings bring me out of it.  I can't tell you how many times when life let me down and I submersed myself into my wedding world and it breathed life and happiness back in, and here we are again 10 years later,  weddings still pull me back to a happy place!! 

  2018 is going to look a little different,  I have about 5-8 less weddings than I have in years past,  but the 12 weddings I have are outstanding and I am SO  glad I decided to take on less this year for so many reasons, but a big one is for my clients and the service I provide them!  Here's to a 2018 full of new beginnings and happy endings! 

Here is my recap of this amazing 2017 season.  The only thing I ask is that you click back through my blog and see the full wedding previews because one photo doesn't do them justice!! AMAZING year of beautiful couples! 

Kane + Marissa- Heidel House


Ben + Meghann  Justin Trails


Tim + Sarah - The Pritzlaff


Cody + Erin Burlap and Bells


Michael + Erica Silver Oaks Chateau


Scott + Chelsea Sugarland


Michael + Lindsey The Waterfront


Aaron + Stacy The Enchanted Barn


Ryan + Sarah Golden Mast


Mike + Allison Sugarland


Brad + Tricia The Lageret


Adam + Kelsey  Brighton Acres


Dion + Kelli Burlap and Bells


Drew + Kristin  Private Residence 


Nick + Breanne  Chula Vista