"Follow your arrow wherever it points" 

Such a popular song, it's no surprise it sticks with me. But I believe in that line of lyrics. We're all here for something, we all have a talent or passion. We are all special in some way. Perhaps we don't always follow that arrow. Perhaps sometimes we do. I am lucky that every once in a while my arrow points me to creativity and I am struck with an inspiration. Like when I walked into this room at The Baraboo Arts Center, inspiration bloomed. I was there for a reason but walked out with a totally different motive. Slowly I started recruiting amazing vendors to work with, a fabulous fellow photographer who invited this lovely, perfect couple and VIOLA! we have one of my most favorite shoots of all time. So in love with it in fact, it ended up being the inspiration and push for my new brand. And, my new brand is attracting the perfect couples and giving me a pretty space to share my world, my weddings and my life.  I simply had to share this shoot again here on my new blog for all to see how inspiration and a few great friends (scroll to bottom for vendors list) turned my idea into gold and it ended up over on one of the most amazing blogs Style Me Pretty. Originally I wanted to do a personal project in the off season, but this turned into so much more. I hope it can be an inspiration for all planning brides such as using a rental company for your decor (hello all those pieces on the table are for rent and all under $5) no more buying/collecting a million vases. Hair down at a wedding is rare, but let's face it it's real, genuine and beautiful. Wedding gowns with sleeves are where it's at ladies and a wild overgrown raw bouquet is my favorite. The simplicity of this is what gets me. Stay true to yourselves girls while wedding planning. I know outside resources and opinions can change your game plan in a hurry. Just remember to follow your arrow wherever it points! 

Vendor List:

Wedding Dresses: Saja 
Invitations: Kimberly FitzSimons 
Hair Stylist: Holly Roll
Arts Center: Baraboo Arts Center
Floral: Wild Apples
Second Shooter: Krystal Muellenberg 
Vintage Rentals: A La Crate